James Brockbank Speaker Search Y Paris 2022

0 to 150k Monthly Organic Sessions In Less Than 6 Months: Here’s How We Did It…

It took less than six months to grow a brand new site in the travel niche from 0 to 150k monthly organic sessions, outranking industry giants including Tripadvisor and Booking.com for high conversion-intent search queries.

And in this session, you’ll learn the exact roadmap we followed to achieve this. You’ll see under the hood of the strategy that we’re rolling out right through from the site’s pre-launch planning (keyword and topic research to choosing the right site structure) to our scalable content strategy (how we decided on content publishing velocity, how we brief writers and how we optimise content before hitting publish) and how we’re using digital PR to establish a new player as an authority in the space, earn authority links, build trust and raise awareness.

The odds were stacked against us from day one; this site’s competitors are long-established brands with deep pockets, but we’ve successfully delivered a strategy that demonstrates how a prioritised focus on building ‘the topic’s best resource on the web’ allows you do predictably scale growth. And we want to share every step of our journey.

Want to know what it really takes to take a site from launch to 150k monthly organic sessions in less than half a year? Then this session is one you won’t want to miss…

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Juil 01 2022


12h00 - 12h30


En anglais


Salle New York

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